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Posted at 2023-05-24 04:52:57 (6 days ago)

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If we're talking about genuine disadvantages, then the one thing that Ronaldo is lacking in his game  FUT 23 Coins is his passing skills that require improvement.Van Dijk is currently considered as one of the most effective center backs in FIFA 23. Achieving such a huge reputation isn't easy, however, with his strength, stamina, and overall defensive skills there is no reason to be surprised.

He may not be fast in the first meters of running however once he is going , nothing can hinder Van Dijk, making him a fantastic lengthy player.Players who had the chance to play with him in their league will tell they are a necessity as a defensive player. Salah is a formidable right-winger who has one of the top scoring goals for a single player's entire career.

Many FIFA players regard him as to be a far superior player than the likes of Lionel Messi, and would put him in a higher rating at 91, given his pace, shooting, and of course, dribbling. Be aware that the majority of his goals can be easily scored in the outside of the box, and that is due to his immense ball control.

Kane is another example of soft start but lengthy acceleration due to strength and height. He is mostly known for his long passing skills that work well either attacking by himself as well as allowing other players to score some easy goals.

Even though he scored a lot better in the last season, even falling to 89 points, still makes him a fantastic striker.Kimmich  cheap FIFA 23 Coins isn't a star of FIFA but he's been an effective midfielder in the central area.

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