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Posted at 2023-05-20 20:59:34 (28 wks ago)
Master II

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Genre: Drama Thriller Espionage
Stars: Alec Secăreanu, Svenja Jung, Parker Sawyers
Series Spy/Master is set during the height of the Cold War and covers a week in the life of fictional character Victor Godeanu, the right-hand man and closest advisor to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. However, Godeanu is also a secret agent for the KGB and must escape Romania and Ceaușescu before his cover is blown. With only one shot at staying alive, he uses a diplomatic trip to Germany as a springboard to the United States. Helped by an undercover Stasi agent and former flame, and an up-and-coming CIA agent, Godeanu must elude the KGB and his own country's spooks, fully aware that his defection is putting his family back home in mortal danger.

Download Backup
Ep1: 1080p-hmax-web-dl-dd5-1-h-264-romania-extremlymtorrents-ws-mkv#!ZGMzAGR2Amt3Z2MzLJZ4A2WzL2H4ZRkVqzk6M0qAq0IsEwWuMD== target=_blank>!ZGMzAGR2Amt3Z2MzLJZ4A2WzL2H4ZRkVqzk6M0qAq0IsEwWuMD==


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