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Posted at 2023-05-07 16:08:31 (3 wks ago)
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NepToonS Tracker – Cartoon Torrents, Old Toons, Season Packs & More
This weekend marked the shutdown of two private torrent trackers; SITR and UK-*. However, that doesn’t mean the world of BitTorrent is crumbling down. New trackers are still being launched and some sites that went down months ago could be seen returning. This post is about one such ‘returning’ tracker; NepToonS. NepToonS is a new BitTorrent site that specializes in cartoon series and season packs (including a lot of retro stuff). It’s actually a reincarnation of Fox-Kids tracker [Read Review] which suddenly went down few months back. This should be exciting news to cartoon fans all over the world, specially for folks who love classic cartoons made in the golden age of American Animation.

Fox-Kids was a huge hit among cartoon fans because it tracked some truly rare toons not found elsewhere. Additionally, almost all the torrents indexed on site were either complete series packs or full season packs which was very convenient for leechers. A wide selection of cartoons were available for download on Fox Kids, ranging from animations made in the 1950s to the late 2000s [Read Review]. To the disappointment of many fans, Fox-Kids didn’t last long. The site suddenly went offline and not much was known about its return, until now.

NepToonS is Fox-Kids reborn. The site is now hosted on a different domain and as you can see it is no longer known as ‘Fox-Kids’. However just like its predecessor, NepToonS seem to track a lot of old (and new) toons, full season packs, complete series and other torrents that made Fox Kids poCensoredr. Bunch of new categories have also been added and it can be assumed that the admins have thought about expanding the tracker to index more content as well. Following categories are now listed on the tracker:

00s, 720p, 80s, 90s, Boomerang, CCongress, CNS, Comix, HFT, Mature, Movies, NepToonS, Others, Raws, RETRO, Scene, TV-Series

Screenshot below should give you a better idea on what sort of content is indexed on NepToonS:

Note that this tracker is still brand new and there are lots of areas that need to be improved. Even the torrent index is being re-built from scratch but the start so far has been promising.

When it comes to getting hold of a NepToonS account, there’s both good news and bad news. Bad news is that site is currently closed for signup. Good news is that if you had an account on Fox-Kids, you can use the same account details to log into NepToonS as well. Long time readers of this blog should all be able to get in as we had previously covered several open signups of Fox Kids tracker back when it was live.

Site Name: NepToonS (

Signup URL: N/A (Closed). Use same username/password combination you had on Fox-Kids to get in.

Note: You need to play the tic tac toe game to completion in order to get to the login page. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose but the game needs to finish.

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