His father is the father 2016 Turkish Dvdrip XVID-EXTRA
[ comedy | Torrent in Turkish | 1.34 GB]
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====================His father is the father 2016 Turkish Dvdrip XVID-EXTRA=============

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: TVrip
Video:AVC-1,2000 Kbps,25000 fps
Audio:AC-3,128 Kbps,2ch,L R
Rasit Celikezer
Release Date:22 April 2016 (Turkey)
Cast;Ali Sürmeli,Menderes Samancilar,Burak Satibol,Ayhan Tas,Burcu Binici

Istanbul the underworld of racon, that intersect the Fathers Father Necdet Cetin, do business with other mob turning behind her back.  Alemdeki everyone respects Nejdet Chen, and swap the drug traffic and money on a plan to block.  But all the while is organized the assassination of Cetin.  Unexpectedly Fathers Father shot Antuan, is removed to the hospital.   The drugs and money in the amount of installed suddenly disappearance creates explosive impact.  On top of all this, added to a recognized also the assassination of Necdet Cetin another name from Tariq Afzal, everyone begins to suspect that the Tinker.  Necdet Cetin Tinker's girlfriend away from him in time and has great animosity between them.  On top of all the crimes the remaining Tariq, when trying to clear yourself Necdet session musician in Banks turn out to be a son.  Nejdet Chen, Tariq from Tinker's ex-girlfriend sends his men to find his son.Banks's father is completely opposite characters.  A graduate of the Conservatory is to head the only imaginary ballet dancer Berk. Ballerina girlfriend sharing a House with the Pearl Banks, very polite and a young.  NACO, so far with the mafia to replace non-tries to convince his son.  And her most trusted man for growing right-hand M entrusted to.  The purpose of the Berg and the underground world of the criminal mafia who are doing drugs, finish.  Nack's arch-nemesis when he learned of the existence of a Tinker Berk Tariq thoroughly confused.  When you plan for revenge from each other node Tariq Taylor's brother Niyazi unexpectedly
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