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AAOImageConverter and FTP 1.1{maddog}
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AAOImageConverter and FTP 1.1

AAOImageConverter&FTP is a program of EasyUtlts company which can convert images you need all at once. With this program you can change dimensions and format at once for dozens of images. If you want, you can upload converted images to your server with built-in FTP client. AAOImageConverter&FTP is a handy and reliable utility designed to convert images to various formats and upload them to a FTP server. The list of supported output image formats includes GIF, PNG, JEPG, TIFF and BMP. Other features include photo resizing and cropping.

unzip the rar file
Disconnect internet.

- Install the software in trial mode.

- It asks you to restart your PC but don't restart.

- Now close the program (also close system tray at the left bottom near time)

Open the key file and create a key and insert it then restart the PROGRAM.

- Now it should be registered

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