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ALDYN ShellPlus Standard{maddog}
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ALDYN ShellPlus Standard

We are proud to present the Shell+ components for Delphi. Use these components to integrate your application into Windows Shell without any tricky code. ShellPlus Components are for companies who would like to integrate their products to Windows Shell without having to invest large amounts of valuable time investigating the practices and pitfalls of Windows Shell development.

Shell+ Components:
As usual with Delphi it is easy to start - only a few clicks are necessary to generate your own shell extension from scratch. Shell+ takes care of all methods to be implemented so you will never need to code numerous interfaces required by Windows. Write only necessary code, Shell+ will do all other routine jobs.

General Shell+ features:
Namespace extensions - add own virtual folders to the Shell name space.
Shortcut Menus - menus that pop up when user right clicks the folder or file.
Property Sheets - user sees them when he/she selects the Properties item on shortcut menu, Device driver properties or Control Panel module. More...
Icon Handler - dynamically assigns icons to the members of a file class. More...
ToolTip handler - it will be queried for hint text every time user hovers the mouse pointer over the object. More...
Copy-Hook Handlers - allows the user to control whether a file or folder can be deleted. More...
Thumbnail Image Handlers- provides an image to be displayed when the user selects the Thumbnail view. More...
Drag&d**p Handlers - when a user right-clicks a Shell object to drag an object, a shortcut menu is displayed when the user attempts to d**p the object. More...
Shell Change Notifier - allows you to be notified about changes in the files and folders, their attributes and contents. More...
Folder Columns Provider - add more custom columns for shell folders to display them in Details View. More...
Icon Overlay Handler - allows you to add small images, placed at the left-lower curner of the icon that represents file object (shortcut sign on *.lnk files).
Shell Link Access - allows you to manip**ate by Windows shortcut files (*.lnk). With this component you can access, create, modify and resolve Windows shortcut files.
Animated 32bit icons - allows you to store and correctly display 32bit icons at the design time.
System 32bit cursors support for WinXP and Win2K - use a full color cursor with a shade in your application

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