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Ildebrando Pizzetti - Assassinio nella cattedrale (2013) [DVD9 PAL]
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Ildebrando Pizzetti - Assassinio nella cattedrale (2013) [DVD9 PAL]

Year 2013
Ildebrando Pizzetti; Roberto Scandiuzzi; Miguel Angel Lobato; Claudio Scimone; Orchestra della Veneranda; Coro della Veneranda Fabb; Coro voci bianche della C
Label: Sony Music, 2013 DVD9 PAL
Recorded In the Milan Cathedral
JosË Carreras narrator

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Ildebrando Pizzetti (20 September 1880 ñ 13 February 196 was an Italian composer of classical music, musicologist and music critic.
Pizzetti was born in Parma in 1880. He was part of the "Generation of 1880" along with Ottorino Respighi and Gian Francesco Malipiero. They were among the first Italian composers in some time whose primary contributions were not in opera. (The instrumental and a cappella traditions had never died in Italian music and had produced, for instance, the string quartets of Antonio Scontrino (1850-1922) and the works of Respighi's teacher Giuseppe Martucci; but with the "Generation of 1880" these traditions became stronger.)
Assassinio nella cattedrale (Murder in the Cathedral) is an opera in two acts and an intermezzo by the Italian composer Ildebrando Pizzetti. The libretto is an adaptation by the composer of an Italian translation of T.S. Eliot's play Murder in the Cathedral. The opera was first performed at La Scala, Milan on 1 March 1958. The opera was performed for the first time in Canada the following year at the Montreal Festivals.


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