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Garybaldi - Note Perdute (2010) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 NTSC)
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Garybaldi - Note Perdute (2010) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 NTSC)

Label: AMS (3) – AMS179CD
Format: CD, Album, Tri-gatefold cardboard sleeve
Country: Italy
Released: 2010
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock

.: Tracklist :.

The Gleemen quartet from Genoa is rather a typical for Italian prog groups, generally avoiding the heavily slanted symphonic influences most of their countrymen were choosing and were relying on a heavy guitar-based sound and were often hard rocking. Their first album (1970) is still regarded nowadays as a gem from collectors all over the world, although it will surprise progheads a bit with its very 60's sound and major Hendrix influences, and absolutely stupendous artwork.

Having changed their name to a more Italian sounding name (Garybaldi being some hero of the late XIXth century in Liguria and neighbouring French Provence), they proceeded to record two further album with the same heavily slanted Hendrix influences even if the keyboards are also a good part of the sound). The first one sports an astounding and complex artwork by future Italian comix superstar Guido Crepax. Sidelong tracks are a common feature in those albums and they are self-indulgent, either.

Fosastti then disbanded the group, and with drummer/singer Cassinelli went on to form La Bambibanda E Melodia that released one record late 74. Guitarist Fossati has reformed the group (although he was the only original member) during the late 80's but the general sound was much bluesier and released one album.

Somehow their short career is almost parallel to Flea/Etna group (they also changed their name while retaining the same line-up), developing the same kind of unusual (for Italy) guitarey hard prog during the same years.

Songs / Tracks Listing

Disc 1

1. Il Volto Stanco Della Gente (unreleased)
2. Hai Messo Al Rogo M. H. (Alternate version)
3. Harold (Live 199
4. Luci Buie (Live 1973)
5. Madre Di Cose Perdute (Live 1973)
6. Sette? (Live 1973)
7. Passaminabirra (Unreleased, live)"

Disc 2

A Rockumentory of Garybaldi's career spanning over 40 years, inclusding the I Gleemen era.

- Bambi Fossatti / guitars, Vocals
- Maurizio Cassinelli / drums
- Angelo Traverso / bass
- Lio Marchi / keyboards

.: Other Files :.


File: 01 - Il Volto Stanco Della Gente.flacSize: 24.69 MB
File: 02 - Hai Messo Al Rogo M. H..flacSize: 32.34 MB
File: 03 - Harold.flacSize: 23.02 MB
File: 04 - Luci Buie.flacSize: 25.68 MB
File: 05 - Madre Di Cose Perdute.flacSize: 26.59 MB
File: 06 - Sette.flacSize: 61.82 MB
File: 07 - Passaminabirra.flacSize: 10.55 MB
File: Artwork/1-2.pngSize: 4.74 MB
File: Artwork/11-12.pngSize: 4.53 MB
File: Artwork/13-14.pngSize: 5.39 MB
File: Artwork/3-4.pngSize: 5.04 MB
File: Artwork/5-6.pngSize: 4.12 MB
File: Artwork/7-8.pngSize: 5.53 MB
File: Artwork/9-10.pngSize: 5.25 MB
File: Artwork/Booklet cover.pngSize: 6.20 MB
File: Artwork/CD cover back.pngSize: 6.01 MB
File: Artwork/CD cover outside1.pngSize: 8.79 MB
File: Artwork/CD cover.pngSize: 2.32 MB
File: Artwork/DVD cover back.pngSize: 2.32 MB
File: Artwork/dvd cover.pngSize: 6.42 MB
File: Artwork/inside1.pngSize: 7.59 MB
File: Artwork/inside2.pngSize: 7.61 MB
File: Artwork/outside2.pngSize: 8.68 MB
File: Garybaldi - Note Perdute - I Nastri Ritrovati 1969-1993.logSize: 8.21 kB
File: Garybaldi - Note Perdute - I Nastri Ritrovati 1969-1993.m3uSize: 189.00 B
File: image/DVDDecrypter.logSize: 1.98 kB
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File: image/VICINO IN UN MOMENTO.md5Size: 162.00 B
File: image/VICINO IN UN MOMENTO.MDSSize: 4.23 kB
File: info.txtSize: 2.21 kB
File: Note Perdute - I Nastri Ritrovati 1969-1993.cueSize: 1.10 kB
File: thumb.jpgSize: 56.73 kB
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