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Lacrimosa - The Live History (2000) [DVD5 PAL]
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Lacrimosa - The Live History (2000) [DVD5 PAL]

Label: Hall Of Sermon – HOS 7824
Format: DVD, PAL
Country: Switzerland
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Modern Classical, Goth Rock

.: Tracklist :

Lacrimosa is a duo led by German Tilo Wolff, the main composer, and Finnish Anne Nurmi, currently based in Switzerland, but originally from Germany. Originally counted among the bands of the Neue Deutsche Todeskunst genre, Lacrimosa have developed their style more towards powerful metal, but Gothic elements still remain.

Their current musical style mixes gothic rock and heavy metal along with violin, trumpet and more classical instruments, although their musical development throughout the years has also led to changes in instrumentation. Lacrimosa's lyrics are written almost exclusively in German, although since the 1995 album Inferno every album has featured one or two songs in English, generally written by Anne Nurmi. Finnish has also appeared in the spoken intro to two songs ("Schakal" on Inferno and "The Turning Point" on Elodia) and on a bonus track in a limited edition release of Fassade called Vankina. Their lyrics are mainly about loneliness, sadness, darkness, despair and love.

The band has sold more than 20,000 copies of each album in Germany but has also gained a large fanbase in Mexico and China.


1 Lacrimosa Theme
2 Kabinett Der Sinne
3 Reissende Blicke
4 Der Letzte Hilfeschrei
5 Satura
6 Copycat
7 Versuchung
8 Schakal
9 Ich Bin Der Brennende Komet
10 Halt Mich
11 Medley
12 Alles Lüge
13 The Turning Point
14 Tränen Der Sehnsucht
15 Alleine Zu Zweit
16 Am Ende Stehen Wir Zwei
17 Stolzes Herz


A Hall Of Sermon Picture Release
Produced by Tilo Wolff

Contains previously unavailable live footage recorded between 1993 and 2000.

Tracks 1, 2 and 12 - 17 recorded in Leipzig, Germany (2000)
Track 3 recorded in Leipzig, Germany (1993)
Track 4 recorded in Krefeld, Germany (1993)
Track 5 recorded in Stuttgart, Germany (1993)
Track 6 recorded in Berlin, Germany (1995)
Track 7 recorded in Berlin, Germany (1996)
Track 8 recorded in Dresden, Germany (1997)
Track 9 recorded in Hildesheim, Germany (199
Track 10 recorded in Hamburg, Germany (1999)
Track 11 recorded in Mexico City, Mexico (1999)

Running Time: 96 Minutes Approx.


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