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Tone2 – Gladiator 2 2.5 STANDALONE, VSTi x86 x64
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Gladiator is a powerful synthesizer based on the concept of Advanced Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) Synthesis. It supports an extensive list of synthesis types: Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM3), Frequency Modulation (FM), Amplitude Modulation (AM), Phase Distortion (PD), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Phase Modulation (PM), oscillator sync, wave shaping, supersaw, resynthesis sounds, vocoding, additive and sample playback modes.


Huge sonic range: unique, analog, warm, transparent and fat sound.
Low CPU usage.
Semi-modular: flexible and expandable.
Over 1,000 presets.
Real stereo, Dolby Prologic II encoding.
Up to 18 oscillators per voice; 4x stereo unison.
110 different oscillator types with 36,865 waveforms.
Alias-free: 162x oversampling.
Psychoacoustical processing.
41 unique filters (Analog, vocal, comb, Moog, phaser, EQ, etc.).
20 different effects.
7 distortion types with a warm, analog sound.
Programmable arpeggiator, step LFO and trance-gate.
BPM syncable.
IQM for clearer chords (intelligent microtuning).
– Windows 10 and Windows 8 compatibility
– Enhanced stability
– Slightly enhanced performance
– Enhanced host compatibility
– Slightly enhanced sound quality
– More linear frequency response
– Slightly better timing
– Faster loading of PC 32 bit version
– More easy installation
– Several small improvements
– Updated standalone version
– Polished some graphics
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a rarely appearing crash
File: Gladiator2.t2kSize: 320.00 B
File: Tone2_Gladiator_v2.5_32bit.exeSize: 24.23 MB
File: Tone2_Gladiator_v2.5_64bit.exeSize: 23.75 MB
File: Установка.txtSize: 183.00 B
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