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Planet RE:think (2012)
PG Rating: PG
6.9/10 from 38 users Updated : 2019-09-12
Documentary , News
Maliina Abelsen , Chandra Bhushan , Patrice Christmann , Sarah Collins , Rafael Correa , Richard Derrington , Yolanda Kakabadse , Ashok Khosla , Carlos Larrea ,
Moshy Mathe , Jacqueline McGlade , Lenin Moreno , Roque Sevilla , Konrad Steffen , Jørgen Peder Steffensen
Eskil Hardt
Today we are facing not one but two global crises: the financial crisis but also the more insidious one relating to our misuse of natural resources. The two are
so tightly linked that we will not solve the global financial crisis until we start to think of using resources more efficiently and sustainably. For example
with each smart phone made| more than 50 minerals are exploited. Our growing dependence on these finite resources for new technology will only deepen the
financial crisis as prices increase exponentially. A potential battleground for the future has been laid| as these resources get more and more scarce. Planet
RE:think investigates where we are failing and gives hope for our future on a planet with finite resources.
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