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Bleach the Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (2007)
PG Rating: TV-14
7.2/10 from 2271 users Updated : 2019-01-12
Animation , Action , Thriller
Masakazu Morita , Fumiko Orikasa , Hiroki Yasumoto , Yuki Matsuoka , Noriaki Sugiyama , Romi Pak , Akira Ishida , Kentarô Itô , Fumihiko Tachiki ,
Masaaki Tsukada , Kiyoyuki Yanada , Akio Ôtsuka , Noriko Shitaya , Jun Fukuyama , Nobuyuki Hiyama
Noriyuki Abe
An artifact known as the "King's Seal" is stolen during transport from the Soul Society by an unidentified Soul Reaper and two Arrancar resembling girls who control
fire and lightning. During the attack| Toshiro HitCensoredaya corners and seems to recognize the Soul Reaper| who immediately stabs him in the stomach. In the middle of
battle| HitCensoredaya abandons his post to pursue him and leaves his squad behind to fend for themselves. After the battle| The Soul Society suspects HitCensoreduya of
treason and orders his immediate capture. The whole 10th Squad is then put on house arrest at which time they can surmise whether or not the division should be
abolished. With the whole of Soul Society looking for HitCensoredaya| Ichigo as a soul reaper on patrol accidentally stumbles upon Squad 2 Captain Soifon while she is
conducting an investigation of the transport site. Soifon informs him of the events happening in the Soul Society and dispels the kido surrounding them. As Soifon
disappears with her crew| ...
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